Glass Services Offered in Westmoreland County

Homeowners in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania take pride in their homes. They want their shower doors, mirrors and glass to be high quality, durable and long lasting. Homeowners know that when their glass and mirrors are made from the best materials that it will increase the value of their home along with looking good. Excel Glass and Granite provides Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania homeowners with all their glass for over sixty years. We pride on providing customized, quality glass that looks outstanding, and at an affordable price. Our technicians are qualified, experienced and trained to provide the best glass services available.

Glass Services

  • Commercial Glass
  • Shower Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Handrails
  • Stone

We offer customized glass services for Westmoreland County homeowners. If you can design it, we can create it. We only use high-quality glass and materials.

City Information

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania has a population of nearly 366,000, and was founded in 1773. They have four state parks, which include; The Keystone State Park, Linn Run State Park, Laurel Summit State Park, and the Laurel Ridge State Park. The parks offer beauty year-round for visitors. There is a deep history in Westmoreland County. The Compass Inn Museum offers guided tours daily. The West Overton Village is an excellent museum that draws thousands of visitors each year.

If you are looking for family fun, then the Caddie Shak Family Fun Park or the Living Treasures Animal Park are excellent places to visit with your family. Excellent dining can be found in Westmoreland County. The Green Gables Restaurant or the Brady Restaurant are affordable and both offers great meals and desserts. The residents of Westmoreland County are very welcoming. The residents enjoy talking and meeting all new visitors.

Excel Glass and Granite knows what beauty means to homeowners. We provide beauty in homes with our glass and granite. With over six decades of experience, we can provide excellent service at affordable prices. If you would like to update your current mirrors or glass, then give us a call and let us schedule you for a free consultation.

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